Waste to energy strategy with operating partner Clean Planet Energy

Platform Roll-Out
Clean Planet Energy
Clean Planet Energy


Clean Planet Energy (CPE) build waste to energy industrial plants called "ecoPlants", that convert hard-to-recycle plastics into ultra-low-sulfur fuels

The ecoPlants enable the circular use of plastics and a reduction in carbon emissions

Asset type
Industrial Plants
United Kingdom
Clean Planet Energy

Investment Highlights

  • An ecoPlant is designed to process 20,000 tonnes of hard-to-recycle waste plastics ever year
  • Each ecoPlant produces over 100,000 barrels of ultra-low-carbon fuels and/or circular products annually
  • CPE is currently constructing and permitting ecoPlants in locations all over the world
  • Crossroads are in partnership with CPE on the first project located in Teesside, UK

Clean Planet Energy


Clean Planet Energy
Clean Planet Energy


  • Clean Planet Energy’s ecoPlants recover waste products, creating liquid fuels and circular-products
  • The process minimises the carbon emissions associated with  conventional hydrocarbon usage and refining