ESG goals are a key
to our investment

Our Responsibility

At Crossroads, we are driven by a focus on responsible investing

We understand that the world is changing, and so are the expectations of our investors, partners, and communities. This is why we have made ESG principles the cornerstone of our investment philosophy.

Through technology and innovation, Crossroads also strives to deliver a positive ESG impact across the portfolio of investments.

Crossroads Real Estate ESG

“Our focus on making a positive ESG impact goes beyond mere optics; it will form the basis of our decision making.”

David Gillerman
Founding Partner & CEO

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A true
ESG focus

Crossroads platform investments actively seek measures to positively impact their operations.


ESG can drive value for all stakeholders. Crossroads actively targets investments that will generate long-term positive ESG impact through regenerative enhancements and certification.


We put the right people, structures and processes in place across platforms in order to deliver meaningful and long-term results.

Tangible Results

We measure against goals set for individual investment platforms. Setting benchmarks for building consciously, minimising our footprint, sourcing responsibly and being committed socially to internal and external stakeholders

PropTech Systems

We aim to integrate PropTech systems at portfolio companies to enhance data collection, analytics and performance analysis.

ESG Portfolio

Impactful investments

Disruptive European urban hotel concept with a strong focus on ESG
Dublin's largest co-living development opportunity
Premium global co-working operator on an accelerated
growth path
Waste to energy strategy with operating partner Clean Planet Energy
Inner-city parking portfolio with attractive fundamentals